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gift guide for boys

abeec Gift Guide For Boys

Is there anything better than seeing the joy on your child’s face when they open a gift on Christmas day?

Whether you are in search for stocking fillers, Christmas eve box fillers or specific gifts, abeec is here to help guide you through the best gifts to give the important people in your life.

Wooden Train Set £12.99

Toy trains have been incredibly popular for years and it will certainly continue for years to come, they are an absolute classic toy that will never disappoint.

This train set comes in wooden jigsaw shaped blocks that your child will need to gently slot together to create the track – In this way they are not only having fun but are using vital skills that will be needed in later life. 

 wooden train set

Trains make great learning toys for young children as can help encourage their imagination, hand eye coordination, concentration skills & all the other key attributes towards their development.

Of course, at abeec we only offer the highest quality of toys, so this wooden train set is made of sustainable wood and is environmentally friendly so ensures that our toys are durable and long lasting.

Jurassic World Ultimate Dig Kit £9.99 

 Do you know an aspiring archaeologist or someone that has a passion for Jurassic world & dinosaurs? This national geographic dig kit will certainly be a gift that will light up their faces.

jurassic world

What child wouldn’t want to dig for dinosaur fossils?! This kit comes with special tools that you use to help excavate the dinosaur fossils, allowing your little explorer to feel like a real-life archaeologist as they dig away.

The perfect gift that allows them to really get their hands dirty, a great way to encourage them to step away from the electronics!

Glow Racing Tracks £13.99

Coming in at just £13.99 this glow car racing set makes a super affordable, yet cool gift that will certainly be a hit with car lovers!

 boys gift guide toys


This set comes with jigsaw like pieces that can easily be slotted together to create hundreds of bendy designs, not forgetting the toy car that lights up as it zooms round the track!

Whether you’re in search for Christmas gifts for boys or stocking filler gifts this racing track makes an ideal addition to your boys Christmas wish list.

 Light Up Plush Dinosaur £12.99

At abeec we certainly like to follow the latest trends. Dinosaurs have certainly proved to be a hit time and time again!  From a cuddly dinosaur teddy to a night light, this adorable dino is suitable for many uses and will certainly make a great gift for boys that are dino mad!

light up dinosaur

Simply press the on and off button on the dinosaur’s foot and watch it glow, a cute cuddling toy and teddy night lamp all in one!

Why not add the dinosaur’s friends to the collection and pair this cutie with the light up puppy or light up teddy bear!

Building Block Set & Storage Box £14.99

These building blocks are an absolute go to gift for boys that enjoy building. This building block set makes a fantastic addition to any home building block collections and is compatible with other leading brands! 

block tech gift set


Containing a range of different character figures from a village to planes and houses, you can really let your imagination run wild! The selling point really has to be that you can simply store away after use to ensure that you don’t accidentally hoover any of the blocks up!

To see more products from abeec, visit the abeectoys website or take a look at our full Christmas collection for the best gifts. If you want to read any of our other blogs, visit our buzzing blog page 

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