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24 Birthday Cards For Kids

abeec® | 24 Birthday Cards For Kids

Product Description

Celebrate every child's special day with the 24 Birthday Cards for Kids with envelopes! This vibrant and delightful card set is designed specifically for kids, offering a variety of fun and colourful designs to suit any child's taste and personality. The set includes a wide range of themes, making it easy to find the perfect card for any child, whether they love birthday cake, mermaids, dinosaurs, sweets or animals. With 24 cards included, you'll have a card for every kid's birthday throughout the year. The cards are printed on high-quality cardstock, giving them a premium look and feel. Each card is blank inside, allowing you to add your own personalized message.

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 abeec Pack Of 24 Birthday Cards For Kids Contains:

  • 24 x 15cm x 15cm funky designs
  • pre-written 'Happy Birthday!' message inside each card



4.5cm Depth x 15cm Width x 15cm Height


273 Grams




Age Suitability: 5+

Note: To be used under adult supervision

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