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50 Piece Dinosaur Creature Tub

abeec® | 50 Piece Dinosaur Creature Tub

Product Description

Embark on a prehistoric adventure with the 50 Piece Dinosaur Creatures Tub! This exciting tub is filled to the brim with an assortment of colourful and realistic dinosaur figures, ready to transport you back in time. With 50 different pieces, you'll have endless opportunities for imaginative play and educational exploration. The Dinosaur Creatures Tub is perfect for both solo play and group activities. Let your imagination roam as you create your own Jurassic adventures, re-enact epic battles, or build a dinosaur world of your own.

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abeec 50 Piece Dinosaur Creatures Tub Contains:

  • 12 x assorted rocks
  • 13 x assorted plants and trees
  • 25 x assorted dinosaur figures (includes T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and many more)



20cm Depth x 15cm Width x 15cm Height


75 Grams




Age Suitability: 3+

Notes: Small pieces could cause choking hazards

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