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6 Pack Of Toilet Putty

6 Pack Of Toilet Putty | abeec® toys

Product Description

6 pack of toilet putty. The perfect party bag filler for kids! This toilet putty with bring endless hours of joy. Prank your friends by squishing the fart putty into the plastic toilet to make fart noises! Kids will love pranking and joking with this silly putty. Remove the slimey putty from their toilet pots to start playing! Stretch, squeeze, and squish! Perfect for all children who love a practical joke! 

The toilet putty comes in three different colours with two of each colour in a pack! 

The toilet putty makes a great party bag or goodie bag filler. 


6 pack of toilet putty contains:

  • 2 x Blue toilet putty
  • 2 x Green toilet putty
  • 2 x Yellow toilet putty



6.5cm depth x 15cm width  x 9.3cm height


416 grams


Blue, Green, Yellow


Age Suitability: 3+

Note: Product is not edible. Do not consume.

Note: keep away from eyes

Note: Adult supervision recommended 

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