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Soft Book Set

abeec® | Soft Book Set

Product Description

Introducing our delightful 6-Piece Soft Book Set, a collection designed to ignite your child's imagination and love for reading from an early age. These charming soft books are the perfect companions for little ones, offering a world of exploration, learning, and cuddly fun. Each book is thoughtfully crafted with soft, child-friendly materials that are gentle to touch and safe for little hands. With colourful illustrations and engaging textures, these books stimulate sensory development while capturing your child's attention and curiosity.

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abeec 6 Piece Soft Book Set Contains:

  • 3 coloured soft books
  • 3 black and white soft books



5.5cm Depth x 22cm Width x 12.5cm Height


166 Grams




Age Suitability: 0-6 months

Note: To be used under adult supervision

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