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We Drew What?! Board Game

abeec® | We Drew What?! Board Game

Product Description

Introducing abeec's family guessing game Who Drew What?! an amazing drawing and guessing game that provide endless hours of fun for the whole family! Take it in turns to pick a scenario card and get ready to draw exactly what you see! Pass the board to the player on your left for them to guess what you have drawn! Keep passing until you get your card back. This fun alternative to charades will keep the kids entertained on rainy days, school holidays, or is an excellent addition to family games night. Whatever the occasion, We Drew What?! will have you laughing for hours.

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We drew what? board game contains:

100 Double-Sided Scenario Cards 1 Dry Erase Score Card 8 Dry Erase Cards 1 Dry Eras Marker Pen with Eraser Top 1 Clip Instructions Shee

  • 8 x Dry erase cards
  • 1 x Dry erase score card
  • 1 x Clip instructions sheet
  • 100 x Double-sided scenario cards
  • 1 x Dry erase marker pen with eraser top



6cm Depth x 27.5cm Width x 27cm Height


412 Grams




Age Suitability: 8+

Note: small parts can be choking hazard