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The Best 8 Gift Ideas for Stationery Lovers

The Best 8 Gift Ideas for Stationery Lovers

Looking for the best gift ideas for stationery lovers of all ages? No matter the generation, stationery sets remain a passion for many kids, teenagers and adults alike. They make great gift ideas for holidays, birthdays, back to school season, first year at university or for any other special occasions. But there’s just so much out there, so how can you find something unique and cool? Below you’ll find 8 unique stationery gift ideas we put together for you:

  1. Space Explorer Stationery Set

Have you got a kid whose head is always in the stars? This space-themed set is designed to match the passion of little boys and girls who wish to be astronauts. This fabulous kit comes with a “mission log” (i.e. an A5 diary) and an A6 notepad, both bound with a sturdy wire spiral. The set is complete with a 15cm ruler, 3 pens, 2 pencils, 5 mini felt tip pens, a pencil sharpener, and awesome 9 sticker sheets full of extra-terrestrial illustrations and NASA-inspired badges.

Additionally, the set comes with an A3 Solar System Poster that kids can put on their bedroom wall, so they can learn about our solar system. 


space explorer stationery set for boys


  1. Geometric Stationery Set

Combine love of stationery with this trendy geometric design. The set is perfect for older kids who are already well versed with technology and mobile devices. The beautiful, spirally bound A5 notebook comes indexed with multi-coloured tabs to help kids keep up with school timetables, multiple notes and various revisions. In addition, the set comes with 6 felt tip pens, a pencil case and a ballpoint pen that doubles as a stylus pen. Whether your kids take notes on a notebook or a tablet, this set is perfect for studying or during spare time. All contained within a geometric designed box that makes the set an ideal gift.

geometric stationery set for kids

  1. L.O.L. Surprise! Light Up Diary and Sequin Purse Set

L.O.L. Surprise is probably one of the most popular toy franchises in the recent years. This visually appealing collection of dashing doll figures produces the cutest stationery items. Our pick is the Light Up Diary and Sequin Purse Set. Theis set comes with a range of unexpected items that make it a great gift for any stationery lover.

The light up A5 hardback diary has a small Purple Gem on the front, once pressed the whole diary lights up in a range of colours, the LOL Diary will certainly catch the eye of everyone.

The set also includes a UV pen that makes writing secrets a true event. Reveal your thoughts and desires by shining the UV light on the writings, keeping them safe from snoopy eyes. The set is completed with a range of stickers for customisation, beads and cord for making your own necklace, and a glamorous purse to accentuate the look.

lol surprise light up diary and sequin purse set

  1. Chupa Chups Scented Stationery Set

Creative minds and busy hands go together like bread and butter. Whether it’s doodling away ideas, drawing upon rich imagination or colouring designs everywhere, this set will empower artistic kids to express themselves in magnificent ways.

Add an extra layer of fun to stationery with this awesome scentend set. Bringing the aromas of the famous Chupa Chups confectionery, kids can write and draw with this comprehensive 33-piece kit.

chupa chups stationery set

  1. Artist Pencils - Set of 45

Mastering drawing and sketching skills takes practice and access to good supplies. Stationery lovers who take up a notch will just love this artist pencils set. Among the 45 pieces, they’ll find charcoal and HB pencils that are perfect for line work and shading, metallic colours that are great for accent and texture, artist colours that can bring details to life, and watercolour pencils that will add an extra layer of artistry to any creation.

artistic pencils

  1. Drawing Pads

At first, this may sound too simple for a gift idea, but high-quality drawing pads are great additions to any stationery lover’s collection. This is because high-quality paper can be used in a vast array of activities, from origami and drawing to painting and collage.

At abeec toys, you can find a unique drawing pad with 50 colour sheets that’s terrific for crafting activities. Feeling less adventurous? Then, go with the A4 drawing pad with white sheets. It comes with 72 pages of high-quality 70gsm paper for drawing, colouring or painting.

  1. Gel Pens

Gel pens are one of the items that’s always on the top of any stationery lover’s list. You can start with the case of 30 gel pens. Built with ball-point action that ensure smooth handwriting every time, these are perfect for a range of writing activities, from class notes to doodling on notebooks and drawing pads. Want to take it up a notch? Then, surprise someone with the case of 20 mini scented gel pens. Perfect for small hands, the set comes with a range of glitter, neon and pastel pens, all with splendid aromas that add a layer of specialness.

  1. Funky Pencils

Pencils are must-have items for any kid that reaches school age. Everyone has them. So, how can you turn this into a special gift for a stationery-obsessed kid? Try the Funky Pencils with Erase Toppers. From lions and butterflies to pineapples and strawberries, the kit comes with 24 pencils topped with the cutest eraser toppers. The design variety helps ensure kids don’t get bored with their stationery supplies, getting them through the year without complaining they want something new. 

Final Thoughts

Stationery sets and high-quality supplies make great gifts any time of the year. Whether your beloved recipient is an avid writer, an imaginative artist, a wondering mind, or just someone who loves stationery, we put together this list to help you out with some unique ideas.

Did we miss the mark? Then, discover our full stationery collection and hopefully you will find that striking gift you had in mind.

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