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paper and activity books

Paper & Activity Books

Craft Paper and Activity Books

You’ll find a great selection of Paper and Activity Books at aBeeC® toys, just ready for your little one to transform into the next masterpiece.

Scratch Art Sets

Scratch Art Sets are a great choice for a budding artist. Not only do they create a wonderful, unique creation, but they also don’t create much waste – ideal if you want to keep your home clean! See our scratch art sets and scratch art pads for more information.

A4 Paper

A4 paper is the standard paper for printing, large books and more. We’re proud to carry a range of A4 paper at aBeeC® toys so that your little one can create a masterpiece that you’ll treasure forever. Browse our range today


Art doesn’t have to be confined to A4, though. At aBeeC® toys, we’re very happy to carry a wide array of notebooks in a variety of sizes and styles – including A6 notes. These notebooks allow for easy storage and transportation.


For school or weekends, your little one will love our selection of backpacks – including Paw Patrol Chase Activity & Skye Activity and CoCameleon Craft Backpack.

Browse our range of craft paper and activity sets for kids today.