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Kids Fun at Home Indoor Activities and Things to Do for Families

Kids Fun at Home: Indoor Activities and Things to Do for Families

Every year the cold weather and scarce daylight of the winter period challenges families to come up with fun indoor activities for kids at home. Now, with the added element of another national lockdown, coming up with ways to entertain kids at home became a more bigger endeavour. 

Yes, we are all guilty of relying on a streaming service or a video game occasionally. But do not despair! We’ve come up with great ideas for fun things to do at home with the kids. Spark creativity, encourage learning and promote family bonding with a few of the ideas below:

  1. Crafting and DIY toys

Stimulate kids’ imagination with tactile activities. The rewarding feeling of putting toys and figures together will be gratifying to children. It’s also a great bonding experience with parents, siblings or relatives.

Don’t know where to start? We recorded a few easy tutorials for beginners to help you introduce kids to the fun world of crafting. Beginners can start by designing their own figures, toys and accessories like lolly stick monster bookmarks or paper butterfly origami. In need of supplies? Stock your DIY fun with the kids with the Super Awesome Craft Chest or the Craft Carry Pack.

Feeling a bit more fanciful? Step up the DIY game by getting kids to paint and decorate their own star-shaped desk lamp or even their own Unicorn Money Bank. Now, that’s a fun way to learn about saving money and practising their creative skills. Check out how to decorate the star-shaped lamp in the video below.

  1. Science Experiments

Do you have a little Einstein in the making? Encourage fun learning with inventive science projects and educational games. Don’t go for the famous yet messy Mentos and Coke experiment. Try these instead:

  • Dyed flower: all you need is White Carnations, water and food colouring. Cut the end of the stem with a pair of scissors and put it in a cup with approximately 200ml of water mixed with a food colouring of our choice. Watch it over the next few days and witness the white carnations change colour!
  • Volcano Experiment: have you ever wondered how volcano eruptions happen? We created a Volcano Eruption science kit to recreate step-by-step the chemistry behind an active volcano safely.  Kids will have fun decorating the volcano and performing the experiment. You can gather the whole family to watch children bemuse everyone with their newly acquired knowledge.
kids volcano experiment science kit
  • Make Your Own Lipsticks: combine beauty and fashion with science and learning. Teach the behind the scenes of developing cosmetics with the 3-in-1 Lip Kit Creations. Children can create their own lipsticks and lip balms in three different scents. No need to worry, the kit comes with everything needed, from wax base and fragrances to the necessary equipment to make all the mixtures and storage.

  1. Bubble Fun

Energetic kids can be a real challenge for parents over the cold months. They can either become lethargic and resort to hours and hours of playing video games without moving anything but their fingers or bouncy little creatures running aimlessly around the house whilst you try to cook dinner. Get kids to spend all that energy in an easy fun way with bubbles! Clear the room, grab a bubble wand or bubble gun, and create fun interactive games. Maybe try seeing who bursts the most bubbles or who makes the biggest one. Bubble fun is a simple and cheap way to entertain kids of all ages, especially younger ones. Check out our collection of bubble toys, sets and solutions to get the fun going.

girl playing with bubbles

  1. Colouring and Drawing

You can never go wrong with colouring and drawing activities. Whether you have a cute little toddler, an artistic pre-teen, or just a bored kid; exploring the world of colours and shapes is great fun for those gloomy days.

Stock up your kid’s collection with gel pens, coloured pencils and plenty of drawing pads to make sure there is always enough supply to come up with awesome activities. Try inventing stories and ask kids to draw the scenes. Maybe come up with a drawing competition to see who draws the most beautiful house or character from their beloved cartoons. Out of ideas? Make sure you have colouring activity books in the mix and let them do the rest.

  1. Fashion Show

Transform your living room or your kid’s bedroom in a fashion week catwalk. Bring out heels, skirts and even fancy dresses, and get children to put on a show. Turn your house into the next Maison or atelier and get the kids to design their own jewellery and accessories! We recommend a fairy-tale-inspired look with the Unicorn and Jewellery Set. In this set, kids get everything they need, including charms and beads, to design their own necklaces and bracelets.

Recreate the latest tie dye trend with the Ultimate Tie Dye Hair Accessories Kit and get kids to try out different hair styles with bedazzled hair accessories whilst they strut down the catwalk and strike a pose! This can be a great opportunity to capture unique moments and cherish them for a lifetime.

 girl with hair accessory

  1. Board Games

You can never go wrong with board games to entertain kids and the whole family. Whether you are staying in for the holidays, having a weekend getaway in the countryside or catching a long train journey across the country, make sure you have an option to bring out and have a blast. Guessing games are a must for family fun, so try the hilarious Head2Head or our spin on classic drawn and guess games with the We Drew What?!. Packing your bags and going somewhere for a much-needed break? Make sure to take the Family Game Box with you, a superb set of 4 classic board games that’ll lighten up any moody kid’s attitude or tedious evenings. Get the fireplace going, roast some marshmallows and spend hours of fun with multiple games.

  1. Scrapbooking

We barely remember those days when taking a photograph was an event. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile device with a camera, which makes eternalising moments very easy. But do we take it granted, then? Sometimes, printing a picture may seem a thing of the past.

Have nostalgic fun and immortalise beautiful moments with the family in scrapbooks. This can be a fun, bonding activity that will get kids to be creative whilst cherishing and reliving moments memories. All you need is a hardcover notebook, glue and maybe a few pens and markets to write down thoughts, dates and funny memories depicted in your photos. Want to take it up a notch? Take home the L.O.L Surprise! Scrapbook Set or the DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Scrapbook Set. These come with everything kids need to decorate their own scrapbooks with cute designs from two of the most popular franchises of today.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with ideas to have fun family activities at home with kids can be difficult sometimes, we get it. Life gets in the way and we may end up forgetting to try new things with the little ones. Occasionally, cash may be shorter than planned and eventful winter days out might not be possible. That does not mean fun cannot happen. Simple crafting ideas, DIY projects and creative activities can do the trick just as well. Try some of these, post them on your social media accounts and don’t forget to tag #myabeec to show us what you and your kids have been up to. We can’t wait to see your ideas and fun snapshots!

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