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arts and craft activities for kids

5 Of Our Favourite Arts & Crafts Activities For Kids

As a new year settles in, it's the perfect time to reflect on ourselves, and the things we want to enjoy or achieve in the coming year. This also goes for our children. It's important they have opportunities to try new activities and hobbies to improve there skills and confidence. A really affordable and creative way of offering this is through art and crafts. 

Arts and crafts can be beneficial to children in several ways:

  • Creativity and imagination. It allows children to express themselves creatively.
  • Development of fine motor skills. Arts and craft activities, such as cutting, gluing, and painting, can help children develop skills needed for everyday tasks.
  • Self-esteem and confidence. Completing a craft project can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Therapy. Arts and crafts can also serve as a form of therapy for children, helping them to process their emotions and feelings. 
  • Relaxation and stress relief. Arts and craft activities can be a fun and relaxing way for children to unwind and take a break from academic or other stressors. 

Our top arts and craft activities for kids

1. Sand Art 

Children can create colourful designs by layering different coloured sand in the bottles or jars. Our sand creations kit comes with various bright colours and different shaped bottles to make lots of creative designs. 

sand art creations

2. Finger Painting 

Finger painting allows children to express themselves creatively and use their imagination. It provides opportunity to explore different textures and sensations. Finger painting is also a relatively simple and easy form of art that children can do independently. Our go to paints for finger painting is the abeec mega paint set. The set comes with 18 different colours in all different finishes including neon, glitter, and pearl. With this wide range of colours, children can also learn about mixing colours and creating new ones! 

mega paint set

 3. Crystal Art Painting

Crystal art is a fun and unique art activity. It involves sticking down crystals to create unique and sparkly artwork. It allows children to explore different textures and methods of art. The shiny sparkly craft creates beautiful and captivating pieces of art! Our current favourite is the abeec crystal painting set. It comes with crystal art cards, posters, light catchers, and stickers. A huge range of different art works to complete. 

crystal art craft set

4. Collaging 

Collaging is a fun and versatile craft involving a variety of materials like magazine cut outs, craft paper, fabric scraps, and so much more. Collage art allows children to express their creativity and self-expression. It is also a great way of recycling and reusing materials. When collaging, adding different textures and finishes can really make a piece stand out. Incorporating the abeec craft paper elevates any collage. 

collage art activities

5. Rock Painting

 Rock painting is a great crafty activity to take part in. It combines art and the outdoors, making a lovely activity for all the family. collect rocks and decorate with paint, colours, shapes, and patterns! You could also take part in The kindness rocks project. Where you paint rocks or pebbles and leave for others to find and collect, or leave somewhere else in the world! abeec toys have a rock painting kit including rocks, paints, stickers, and more! We love to combine this with abeec markers and the mega paint set for the most vibrant designs. 

rock painting

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