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Party bag filler ideas

Party Bag Filler Ideas For Kids!

There's a lot to think about when planning a kids birthday party, including an entertainer, venue, who to invite and deciding on a theme. Hopefully we can take away some of the pressure by helping with the party bags.

Even though party bags can be the bane of a parent’s life, it’s probably the highlight of the party for the kids.

It’s a no brainer to include a slice of birthday cake and some sweets into the party bag, but it can be difficult and costly when deciding what toys to include that will suit everyone.

Fidget Toys

Let’s start with the trend that became popular in 2021, fidget toys. It looks like they are here to stay as kids love collecting them and showing them off to their friends.

Some fun fidget toys include bubble fidgets, magnetic rings, sucker snaps and mini jiggly balls.

Fidget toys can be classed as party favours, or even use them for party games such as pass the parcel or musical statues!

Check out our full range of fidget toys here

party bag fillers

The Traditional Toys

Next, we have the traditional plastic-based party bag fillers like water pistols, whistles, spinners, springys, bouncy balls and little stretch men... all of which I'm sure you remember receiving from a kids party at some point.

Love them or hate them, they are an easy option when it comes to party bags.

However, plastic toys are becoming less popular with parents. Eco Friendly party bag fillers are therefore becoming the popular choice.

party bag fillers


Bubbles have been around forever and won't be going anytime soon. Not only are they great value for money but kids love them!

We have a whole range of bubbles that you can add to any party including packs of bubble swords or bubble bottles with wands.

New for 2022 is our pack of mini bubble wands which provide great value and are a great addition to any party bag.

 party bag fillers

Themed Party Bag Fillers

Themed parties are really popular at the moment, whether it’s unicorn, dinosaur, mermaid or even a CoComelon theme, we’ve got you covered!

Our Dinosaur and Mermaid scented bath bombs are a fun addition to party bags and perfect for your themed party. They even have a fresh, fruity scent!

If your kid is CoComelon obsessed, then our 12 pack of CoComelon bubbles will be a perfect going home present. They also have a mini maze game in the lids to keep the kids entertained.

Party bag fillers

Every birthday is one to remember for your little one so don’t forget to have fun!

Make sure to check out our full range of party bag fillers on, Amazon and Ebay.

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