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Ultimate Gift Guide For Boys

Ultimate Gift Guide For Boys

From toddlers to teens, play time is a crucial element in any child’s development. Therefore, our products embrace creativity, educational and innovative benefits which open a whole other world of play.

Whether you’re in search for Christmas stocking fillers, small additions to your Christmas eve boxes or looking to tick all the boxes on your boys Christmas wish list, our ultimate gift guide for boys equips you with all the essentials that we know boys love!


Fidget Toys Fun Box - £6.99

One trend that you have probably heard of is fidget toys. These popular toys might only be small but don’t underestimate the hours of fidgeting fun they can bring.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas party bag fillers or stocking fillers, the fidget fun box is a great all-rounder for all ages.

abeec’s Fidget Toy Fun Box is the ideal gift for boys, providing 12 assorted fidget toys, ranging from popular Pop It key rings to pocket sized Palm Poppers. Priced at £6.99, the fidget toy collection offers great value for money with a sizable collection of on trend toys.

Not only do fidget toys provide fun play activities for children, they’re also great self-regulatory toys and are proven to advance focus, attention, and active listening – you can’t go wrong with this fidget collection!

Block Tech Table - £35.00

When gift shopping for boys, product requirements often feature themes of longevity, non-destructibility, and ease of use. The Block Tech Table ensures that all these requirements are met and more!

This kids’ activity table features a two in one surface that can be removed to create a sand or water table. The play surface is compatible with all major building block brands, as well as abeec block tech products, and even comes with 120 building blocks to help start your building block collection!

You can use the smooth table surface for general activities like crafts, drawing, reading and playing. Once complete, simply flip the table top to the building block surface and begin to construct your building blocks. Remove the top table surface and fill with sand, water or use as extra storage for building blocks and other children’s toys.

This practical table and chair set is the perfect gift for boys who enjoy building and constructing new designs. The round edge design is ideal for kids who love to play, and the multi-functional purpose of the table and chair set offers kids hours of endless play, further improving practical and creative ability.

lego block tech building blocks table chairs sand pit water table kids furniture


Wooden Art Case - £14.99

Wooden art cases are representative of childhood memories. Not only are they practical, structured and long lasting, they offer an organic sense of belonging to your playroom.

The abeec wooden art case provides your child with over 100 painting and colouring supplies needed to assist a range of projects, from paint by numbers to canvas art. You’ll have your little Picasso’s imagination running wild in no time with this art kit!

Contents Includes:

  • Water Colour Paints
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Oil Pastels
  • Wax Crayons
  • Mini Markers

And more…

Mean Streets Vehicle Range - £7.49-£9.99

If you enter a boy’s playroom, there’s a strong possibility you will see vehicles such as fire engines and monster trucks whilst hearing sirens, car horns and cars crashing together.

The Mean Streets friction vehicles offer a varied range of toy cars, trucks and more for everyone to enjoy! Sticker sheets are included to ensure that your child can showcase their individual flair whilst playing with their favourite toy vehicles.

Whether your boy enjoys pretend play on his own or racing around DIY racing ramps with friends and family, this collection provides the ultimate play experience. Simply pull the vehicles backwards and watch them zoom away!


cars vehicles car toy toy truck monster truck for boys fire engine dumper truck racing cars for boys


Bubble Blower - £14.99

The abeec Bubble Blower is the ultimate bubble machine for kids this Christmas! We all adore playing with bubbles, with one of the obvious reasons being that bubbles are universal; from weddings, to birthday celebrations, bubbles seem to be a go to gift when celebrating joyous occasions.

However, there is scientific evidence to suggest that bubbles are much more valuable to children than we think. Bubble solution and blowers develop children’s fine motor skills, whilst offering a sense of relaxation. Therefore, the abeec bubble blower offers the perfect sensory activity for toddlers, as well as providing older children with exciting outdoor play.

Simply Insert one of the three bottles of bubble solution provided and pull the trigger to fill the area around you with bubbles.


bubble machine bubble blower bubbles for kids outdoor toys garden toys christmas gift christmas present gifts for boys

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