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World Cup Football Games & Colouring Activities For Kids

With the World Cup 2022 just around the corner, it's the perfect time to celebrate the season with fun games and activities for the kids! Discover the best football activities and game ideas from abeec toys.


We've put together some World Cup games and activities together for you in this blog.


Free Football Colouring Sheets

Get into the football spirit with our abeec toys FREE printable colouring sheets (click here)!

Here is a list of our favourite colouring and drawing products to use:

free colouring sheets

World Cup Flag Memory Match Game

This is a great game for speedy fun! As well as learning the flags for different countries competing in the World Cup. Simply print out 2 of each flags that represent the countries playing in the World cup. Once cut down to size, you flip them over on the floor or table facing down and play a memory match game with them! The person with the most pairs wins.

To add some more fun, you could even colour in your own flags!

World Cup 2023

Face Paint And Dress Up 

The kids will feel emersed in the action if they're dressed for the part! If your kids like a certain team or want to cheer someone on they can dress in the colours of the flag and paint there face to get stuck into the action!

world cup party ideas


 Make football bunting

Get creative and make football bunting with your friends and family! You can use paper plates, card, paper and much more to create amazing football bunting ready for the World Cup games! Make sure to check out the abeec toys arts and crafts to help make your bunting.

Football balloon pop!

This is a super fun and active game for the whole family! Split your group into two teams. Blow up an equal amount of black and white balloons  and assign one colour to each team. Now put all the balloons in the centre of the room, the first team to pop all their colour, wins!

football games


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