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100 Piece Optical Art Puzzle

abeec® | 100 Piece Optical Art Puzzle

Product Description

Prepare to have your mind blown with our mind-boggling 100-Piece Optical Art Puzzle! Test your puzzle-solving skills with this 100 piece optical illusion jigsaw. With a compact design, it's the perfect gift for those who enjoy a challenge and easy to store away in your games cupboard. Perfect for art enthusiasts, puzzle fanatics, and anyone seeking a unique challenge, our 100-Piece Optical Art Puzzle is an invitation to explore the extraordinary world of visual illusions.

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This 100 Piece Optical Art Jigsaw Contains:

  • 1 x 26cm x 38cm 100 piece optical art jigsaw puzzle



9cm Depth x 9cm Width x 9cm Height


270 Grams


Black, White 


Age Suitability: 5+

Note: To be used under adult supervision

Note: small parts may pose a choking hazard

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