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Busy Bee A4 Mixed Media Pad

abeec® | A4 Mixed Media Pad

Product Description

Introducing The abeec A4 Mixed Media Paper A4, Specifically Designed For Adult Artists. The 60 Page Artists Sketch Pad Is The Perfect Companion For Your Creative Journey. At A4 Size, It's An Ideal Canvas For Your Ideas, Whether You're Sketching With Pencils, Painting With Watercolours, Or Experimenting With Mixed Media. The Art Sketchbook Contains Quality Art Paper: 20 x 100 gsm Drawing Paper, 20 x 145 gsm Mixed Media Paper And, 20 x 28 gsm Tracing Paper Ensuring That Your Artwork Stays Vibrant And Does Not Fade Away. The Sketching Pad Is Also Ring Bound, To Create Ease Of Removal Without Damaging Your Masterpiece.

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  • 20 x 28 gsm Tracing Paper
  • 20 x 100 gsm Drawing Paper
  • 20 x 145 gsm Mixed Media Paper



1cm Depth x 21cm Width x 29.7cm Height


390 Grams




Age Suitability: 3+

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