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Toys Art Box

abeec® | Toys Art Box

Product Description

Get creative with our 50+ piece art box! The abeec toys art box is a creative treasure chest designed to inspire and nurture the artistic potential of children. This beautifully crafted art set offers a wide range of high-quality art supplies that allow young artists to explore their imagination and express themselves through various mediums. Inside the art box, you will find an assortment of vibrant paints, coloured pencils, markers, brushes, and sketching tools, carefully curated to cater to different artistic preferences.

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abeec Art Box Set Includes:

  • 1 x palette
  • 10 x crayons
  • 2 x paint rollers
  • 5 x poster paints
  • 10 x felt tip pens
  • 4 x paint brushes
  • 2 x sponge brushes
  • 10 x coloured pencils
  • 6 x watercolour paints
  • 1 x 50 page colouring and drawing book



8cm Depth x 31cm Width x 25cm Height


212 Grams




Age Suitability: 3+

Notes: Small pieces could cause choking hazards

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