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Decorate Your Own Glitter Bottles

abeec® | Decorate Your Own Glitter Bottles

Product Description

Get ready to unleash your creativity with Decorate Your Own Glitter Bottles! This exciting activity kit is perfect for kids who love sparkles and colours. Inside the kit, you'll find a set of clear bottles just waiting to be transformed into dazzling works of art. The kit includes everything you need to decorate the bottles with glitter and other fun materials. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colours and glitter options to create your own unique designs. Whether you want to make a rainbow bottle, a galaxy-themed bottle, or something entirely magical, the possibilities are endless!

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The Pack Of Decorate Your Own Glass Bottles Contains:

  • 8 x paints
  • 12 x gems
  • 4 x bottles
  • 1 x paintbrush
  • 1 x blackout paint



7.5cm Depth x 30cm Width x 25cm Height


741 Grams




Age Suitability: 14+

Notes: To be used under adult supervision

Notes: Small pieces could cause choking hazards