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Ice Cream Sand and Water Table


abeec®| Sand and Water Table 

Product Information

Introducing the ultimate outdoor fun experience for your little ones with our 27-piece Sand and Water Table set. Perfectly designed for hours of engaging play, the versatile set is an essential addition to your collection of outdoor toys and garden toys. Whether you're setting up a sand pit or creating a dynamic water play table, the set offers endless possibilities for imaginative adventures.

Crafted with toddlers in mind, our sand and water table ensures safe and enjoyable play, promoting sensory development and fine motor skills. The vibrant, non-toxic materials are durable and weather-resistant, making it a reliable choice for your backyard or garden. 

The comprehensive kids outdoor play equipment set includes 27 pieces, featuring a variety of tools and accessories to enhance the play experience. Ideal for warm days, the water play table offers refreshing interactive play, encouraging kids to learn and explore.

Transform your outdoor space into a haven of fun and learning with our Sand and Water Table set. It's the perfect way to keep your children entertained and active, providing endless opportunities for discovery and play. Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a cool evening, The sand and water table is the ultimate choice for family-friendly outdoor entertainment. Includes 4 ice cream moulds, 2 cake topper moulds, 4 fairy cake moulds, 4 ice cream cone moulds, 4 ice cream scoops, 1 ice cream shaper scoop, canopy, 2 shelfs, and 2 stations

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4 x ice cream mould

2 x cake topper mould 

4 x fairy cake mould

2 x clasps 

1 x sand and water table 

1 x canopy 

1 x ice cream shaper scoop 

4 x ice cream scoops

4 x ice cream cone moulds

2 x stantions

2 x shelf


Depth 26.5cm 

Height 39cm

Width 15.5cm 

Weight 1.2240 kg

Colours assorted


Adult supervision required at all times 

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