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Unicorn Bingo

abeec® | Unicorn Bingo

Product Description

Unicorn Bingo is a magical twist on the classic game that will enchant players of all ages. This beautifully illustrated game features charming unicorn-themed cards and vibrant markers that add an extra touch of sparkle to the gameplay. Perfect for family game nights, parties, or rainy day entertainment, Unicorn Bingo brings people together for hours of laughter and friendly competition. It promotes cognitive skills such as number recognition, pattern recognition, and strategic thinking, all while immersing players in a delightful unicorn-filled world.

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abeec Unicorn Bingo Game Contains:

  • 6 x bingo cards
  • 1 x storage bag
  • 25 x call out cards
  • 72 x card markers



3cm Depth x 18cm Width x 20cm Height


418 Grams


Pink, Assorted 

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