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10 Dinosaur Bath Bombs

abeec® | 10 Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Product Description

Dinosaurs may no longer roam the earth, but you can still create a prehistoric paradise in your bathtub! Our dinosaur bath bombs are a fun way to escape the everyday and relax while turning your bath into a prehistoric pool. This bath bomb packs a visual punch, leaving behind a colourful explosion of moisturising bubbles in dinosaur shapes in just one use. Simply drop each coloured bath bomb into the water and watch it release unique patterns and red, blue and green colours.

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Dinosaur Bath Bombs contains:

  • 3 x Red Dinosaur Bath Bombs
  • 4 x Blue Dinosaur Bath Bombs
  • 3 x Green Dinosaur Bath Bombs



6.5cm Depth x 23.5cm Width x 27cm Height


750 Grams


Blue, Green, Red 


Age Suitability: 3+

Note: Small pieces could cause choking hazards

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