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Orbitzer Fidget Switch Ball In Pink and Yellow

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abeec® | Orbitzer Fidget Switch Ball In Pink and Yellow

Product Description

Experience a captivating tactile sensation with the Pink & Yellow Orbitzer Fidget Switch Ball. This unique handheld device offers a delightful blend of colours and textures that will keep your hands engaged and your mind focused. With its mesmerizing orbiting motion and satisfying clicking sounds, the Orbitzer provides a satisfying sensory experience that helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and restlessness. The Orbitzer features multiple switches and buttons that engage different sensory experiences. You can flip switches, press buttons, and rotate the ball to engage your fingers and keep your mind focused.

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abeec Orbitzer Fidget Switch Balls Contain:

  • 1 x Pink Orbitzer fidget switch ball
  • 1 x Yellow Orbitzer fidget switch ball



5.2cm Depth x5.2cm Width x 5.6cm Height


56 Grams


Pink, Yellow


Age Suitability: 5+

Notes: Small pieces could cause choking hazards

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