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Childhood memories

8 Childhood Throwbacks Your Kids Won't Understand Today

Childhood is such a precious time in life. I think this is why looking back and embracing the nostalgia feels so good! 

So shall we get a little bit sentimental and look back at some of our fave childhood memories? Yes please. 

Plastic Inflatable Furniture

3 words that do not look comfortable together. But hey, we lived for them glossy electric blue chairs. Just make sure you don't sit there too long with shorts on. Otherwise you'll be slowly peeling your legs from the plastic. 

plastic 90s chair

Blue Paper Towels

Ahh memories! I think 'paper towel' could be pushing it though, I'd describe it more as a soft blue sand paper. These things healed the world in school teachers eyes. Broke your arm? Get a wet paper towel on it. Headache? Wet paper towel. Covid-19? PAPER TOWEL! 

Blue paper towel

Velvet Art

Remember spending HOURS carefully colouring in your velvet masterpiece. Your Gran would undoubtedly come back from her Saturday morning market trip with one of these bad boys.

Velvet art

THEE Roller Skates

The OG roller skates. The joy you would get putting these bad boys on. Only to attempt rolling a few feet before tumbling over and more often than not it ending in tears. These skates were surely created by the devil himself.

Fisher price roller skates


 The best phone game to exist. Keep your candy crush, it's snake every time! 

snake mobile game

Jelly Sandals

The footwear of summer. These were a LOOK. As long as you can get past the hot uncomfortable plastic. 

 jelly shoes

 Argos Catalogues

Is there any better memory than sitting down with an Argos catalogue as a kid? Circling 90% of the items you just NEED for Christmas and Birthdays.

Argos catalogue

Magic 8 Ball

 Making all your life decisions based on the words from this plastic sphere 8 ball!

Magic 8 ball

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