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The Benefits Of Sensory Play For Children

The Benefits Of Sensory Play For Children

Sensory play is a great way for babies, toddlers, and children to explore their senses.

What is a Sensory toy? In short, a sensory toy is anything that stimulates one, or more of our senses. Sensory toys can come in all sorts of forms and for a range of ages. 

sight, sound, touch, smell, & taste are our five engaging senses. Sensory play is an active and engaging way to encourage your child's development. From things such as: Social skills, fine motor skills, communication, cognitive skills, and more. 

Sensory play is important for all children, but more specifically children with autism. Sensory toys are specially designed to provide strong sensory feedback. This way, children are better able to process the sensations in a way that may be less threatening. 

We have listed below a few sensory play items and ideas we have here at a-bee-c.

Water & Sand Play 

sand and water table

Playing with sand and water  is a great sensory play item that encourages numerous senses. Developing hand-eye coordination and sensory acknowledgement. Through actions like pouring, squeezing, and stirring. As water and sand offer different textures and temperatures, this helps children acknowledge sensory changes and respond to them. 

Sensory Squish Balls

stick and squish balls

Sensory balls are great for fidgety hands! As well as reducing stress, motor skills, and tactile awareness. They can be rolled, squished, thrown, and stretched. 


Giant bubbles

Bubbles are a great way to develop a range of skills, as well as just being super fun! They are great for fine motor skills, visual tracking, hand eye coordination, and much more.

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