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Back to school essentials

Back To School Essentials - Seven Back To School Tips

Seven Back To School Tips

The abeec Back to School Guide – Includes Seven Essential Back To School Tips

Welcome to the abeec Back to School Guide, packed full of back-to-school ideas and essentials for your kids as they start back at school.

The last few weeks of the summer holidays have been and gone. Before you know it, it’s the first day of term and you have nothing ready for school! Not to panic, we’ve got your ultimate back to school guide here, to help get organised and ready for the new term.

Get School Uniform Organised

Hopefully to save on pennies, the kids haven’t quite had that growth spirt yet and can still squeeze into last years polo shirts! But let’s be honest, that white polo shirt is most likely grey with grass stains from the countless football tackles and handstands at break time.

Our top pick for affordable and durable school uniform is the George at Asda school range. They have some amazing and super affordable deals on: Five polo shirts for £6, Ten pairs of socks for £3, and many more.

If you don’t need to buy any new uniform – Hooray! Just make sure it’s washed and ironed ready to go for the first day back.

And most Importantly – LABEL LABEL LABEL. Make sure you label every uniform item - even the shoes! The last thing we want is to buy more uniform items because of the unlabelled lost jumper!


Growing up this was without a doubt my favourite part of the back-to-school shopping – stationery! All the endless options and colours to choose from.

Make sure you have the basics covered: Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, highlighters, and a notepad! We have got some amazing stationery essential kits which come in a handy zip up case. To check out all our back-to-school goodies, visit our website for the full stationery collection.

Not forgetting the teens! Our Stationery Essentials kit is the perfect set to help prepare for exams. It includes a folder, notebook, pens, and revision cards. It comes in a cute pastel design!

School Stationery

School bags

Just because a school bag needs to be practical to hold your stationery and lunch, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Our Barbie School Set is a great set for all Barbie lovers, it includes a backpack, pencil case and water bottle.

If Barbie isn’t for you then check out our Colour Your Own Backpack. Not only does it hold your essentials, but you can colour and design it yourself with the pens provided.

For The little ones we have Three fantastic activity backpacks. Chase activity backpack and Sky activity backpack perfect for the paw patrol fanatic. We also have the cutest CoComelon activity backpack great as a first backpack for the little ones.

School bags 

School Routine – Bedtime!

Summer holidays can throw normal routine and bedtime out the window. As the summer comes to an end, we recommend a bedtime boot camp. Gradually encouraging kids to go to bed earlier as the start of term approaches.

The extra time in the evenings will be bliss! And hopefully with more sleep, getting the kids up in the morning should be a little more straight forward (we hope). With a routine in the place, the whole family can wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.


Something To Look Forward To!

Small rewards and things to look forward to will make the start of the school year a lot easier! It could be anything from picnic in the park, going for ice cream, or visiting a museum. Rewarding good behaviour and hard work will always be appreciated by kids.

Rewards can also come in the shape of toys and games. We have a great range of affordable small toys for little rewards such as Scratch art pads, and fidget toys for all ages. Alternatively, if you wanted a game for the whole family, something like our can you find it first game is perfect!


Celebrate Your Summer

Celebrating the summer as you move forward into school term will be remembered by your kids when they look back on their childhood. Just a simple conversation to discuss all the fun activities and places visited over the school holidays will create lasting memories!

Photobooks and scrapbooks are also a great way of keeping memories in one place.

back to school

Back To School Lists

All the back-to-school information can be overwhelming! Especially if you have a number of children starting different stages of education. One of the best tips we can give you is to try and keep organised with lists and organisers for each of your kids! So, you can keep track of any school trips and afterschool activities.

Most importantly try to enjoy the rollercoaster of watching your little ones growing up! I’ve heard it goes pretty fast.


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