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Air Dry Clay: Our Top Tips And How To Guide

Air Dry Clay: Our Top Tips And How To Guide

Want to find an affordable craft activity that will keep your kids entertained for hours? Then let me introduce you to abeec’s air dry clay set. This is your go to guide to get the most out of your air-dry clay! Get ready to create wonderful clay creations.

What is Air Dry Clay?

Air dry clay is a popular arts and crafts activity that is suitable for both children and adults. Air dry clay is what the name suggests, it is clay that dries in the air! (Usually 24 hours). The easy air dry clay has a spongy stretchy consistency so makes it super easy to mould and work with. Our air-dry clay comes in a variety of colours which can be mixed to make new colours.

Once the air-dried clay is fully set, it will have a spongy porous texture. Perfect to use for keyrings, home décor or kids’ toys.

air dry clay

Our Top Tips: How To Air Dry Clay

  • Prepare your work surface, make sure you have a clean wipeable work surface.
  • Time to start the craft project. Decide what sort of design and size you want to go for, you can use our air-dry clay idea booklet or think of something totally new!
  • Remember the air-dry clay goes a long way so be away on how much you use. You only need a coin size amount to make an effective piece of art. But don’t make your design too thin otherwise it may not be able to hold its shape or keyring/charm you add.
  • Use the clay tools or a toothpick to help sculpt and perfect your design. You can even use a very small amount of water to smooth out and remove imperfections.
  • Once your masterpiece is complete, apply your keyring or charm that are included (optional). Now leave to set for 24 hours.
  • Use the resealable bags provided to store any opened clay so it does not dry out. Now you can make hundreds of air-dry clay designs!

 Air Dry Clay Ideas

To give you an idea of what you can create, we have added some of our air-dry clay ideas and guides from our air-dry clay guidebook below.

Air Dry Clay Doughnut

Air dry clay

Air Dry Clay Turtle 

air dry clay

Air Dry Clay Pterodactyl

air dry clay


Alternatively, you can come up with your own air dry clay ideas! We've named a few other alternatives below:

  • Air dry clay tags for gifts
  • Air dry clay Christmas decorations
  • Air dry clay pen pots
  • Air dry clay napkin rings
  • Air dry clay bowl or tray

air dry clay

Take a look at some of our easy air dry clay set reviews:

Great for keeping kids entertained and not messy. 5 Stars - Ms. Hirst

"This stuff is brilliant. It is mouldable, air dries and the colours can be mixed to make different colours. The clay doesn't stick to tables/cloths which is brilliant. It does dry quickly so children need to act fast before it dries out but its a great, unmessy activity to keep kids busy."

 Kids love it. 5 stars - Bird

"This set has just about everything you need to get started sculpting with polymer clay. The kids loves this and they are definitely entertained for hours The colours are strong and bright and keep the colour through baking. This kit would make a fantastic gift for a child or adult (young or old)for any occasion."

Great! 5 Stars - J.Turner

"My great grandson loves doing crafts, and this suits him down to the ground. There are 24 packs of clay in assorted colours, plus 4 tools, and keyrings and findings to make up. The thing I like best is that there's also a spare bag to put leftovers in, so that it doesn't harden. It's a simple thing, but what a good idea! This is a great kit to keep little hands busy and give the imagination full rein. It's good for older kids too, so that on a rainy day (and we've plenty of those!) Everyone is occupied. The price is about what I'd expect."

air dry clay

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