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Easy Pumpkin Design & Carving Guide

Easy Pumpkin Design & Carving Guide

In preparation for Halloween, we’ve put together a quick and simple design and carving guide to create your very own Halloween-ready pumpkins! This is a great crafting activity for all the family and ideal for getting you into the spooky spirit.

What you will need:

Some optional extras:

 1. Removing The Top Of Your Pumpkin

Make sure you have a clear workspace. Designing your own pumpkin can be a fun but a messy activity! Make sure that the carving kit is out of children’s reach and children are always supervised.

Begin by removing the top of the pumpkin with the carving tool provided. To precisely cut the top of the pumpkin, use a black felt tip pen or marker pen and outline where you would like to cut around.


2. Scoop Away!

Scoop out all the gooey goodness inside the pumpkin using the spoon from the pumpkin carving kit. This part can be messy; however, the inside of the pumpkin can be saved for pumpkin soup after your trick or treating round!


3. Outline Your Pumpkin Face With Templates

Draw or paint a face onto the pumpkin using the templates provided in the pumpkin carving kit. With 8 stencils provided, why not make a whole pumpkin family!

pumpkin carving and design guide


 4. Carve Your Face Using Pumpkin Carving Cutter

Once the face is drawn, carefully carve the face into the pumpkin using the carving tool provided. Make sure to be extra careful with the carving tool! Make sure children are always supervised.


5. (Optional) Design Your Own Pumpkin Personal To You

Why not try painting and decorating your pumpkin once it is carved? Themes could include anything from animals to famous Halloween characters such as Frankenstein; this is a fun way to encourage children to be creative and imaginative.

Complete your masterpiece with our art-tastic products which can be found here.


6. Add The Finishing Touches

Screw the glow in the dark teeth into the mouth of the pumpkin. Insert the battery powered tea lights provided to make your pumpkin glow!

The great thing about pumpkin’s is that they are extremely versatile. With our carving kit, your pumpkin’s can feature inside or outside your home. What creative designs can you come up with?


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