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Five Awesome Autumn Activities

Five Awesome Autumn Activities

As the winter nights start to creep up on us, this has got us thinking about Autumn! Autumn is filled with celebratory fun for children – from Halloween to bonfire night, there is so much joy to be had around this time of year.

If you’re wondering what our top 5 must haves and activities are this autumn, you’re in luck! With this guide we have outlined popular crafting activities, toys, and games to entertain your children.


Top Up Your Art Box

There’s nothing like autumn winds, gales, and rain; the abeec rainy day craft kit is here to provide the perfect indoor arts and craft activity for children and adults of all ages. Clear a workspace for children and pair with our abeec craft trays to neatly lay out popular art and craft accessories including within this 55-piece kit, such as:

  • Beads/ bracelet accessories
  • Notebook
  • Foam Shapes
  • Glitter Glue
  • Paint
  • Bouncy balls
  • Sticker sheets

And much more.

Watch creativity and imagination’s run wild with this kit! The opportunity to design anything from bouncy balls to hair braids to paintings, ensures this kit is the ideal all rounder to keeping your kids entertained right the way through to summer next year. The rainy-day craft kit is the perfect addition to your children’s art box and is ideal for mixing and matching with our other popular arts and craft sets such as:

Conker Picking

We understand during Autumn and Winter months it can be harder to get out and keep active due to the colder weather. However, one activity that never gets old during Autumn is conker picking!

We all remember conker picking as kids with the leaves falling around us. This fun activity is perfect for exciting children about the change of seasons and the events that Autumn holds! Find your nearest woodland filled with conker tree’s and arrange a family walk in the crisp air.

How to Bonkers for Conkers:

Once you have collected your conkers, team them with our Halloween decorations kit or the 101 things kit from abeec and use the string to steady your conker on. With 2 players, hit the conkers against one another’s until there is only one player left – you win!


Stock Up On Your Plush Toys

At abeec we understand that night-time routines are essential towards ensuring happiness in children and cognitive development. We also acknowledge that certain Autumnal calendar events such as the clocks going forward can act as a barrier to children sleeping soundly. Therefore, we have created a variety of light up plush toys which add enjoyment to children’s bedtime routines.

The plush night lights are a perfect way to engage children with a familiar and comforting bedtime routine. The LED lights included ensure the night light provides the perfect amount of visibility in the dark and the soft, cuddly material ensures children can use this as their favourite bedtime teddy bear.

Whether your children’s favourite characters are:

We’ve got you covered with our light up plush toy range this Autumn.


Make Family Nights In Cosy & Fun

We know how important family nights are, whether your chosen family night in is during the week or over a long weekend, we’ve got the perfect addition to complete this. 100 Classic Games is the ultimate puzzle and games set for a family night in by the fire, or the great for family gatherings and parties.

Puzzles and board games are perfect for developing children’s language skills, socialising skills and benefits cognitive development. The 100 Classic Games offers all-time favourites for everyone to enjoy:

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Chess
  • Ludo Game Board
  • Matchstick games
  • Card Games

And much more!


Build A Den

Dens are a great escape from reality; they allow kids to be creative and imaginative, whilst also teaching them practical skills. We acknowledge that not everyone has a huge tree house in their garden but in door den building activities are just as fun! Collect materials such as bed sheets, plastic tablecloths, and large cardboard boxes. Stuff with pillows and plush toys to make your den feel homely and cosy and watch your favourite film.

Pillow fortes and Den’s are the ideal locations to allow your children to engage in other art & craft activities, especially drawing and painting. Our abeec art & craft collection is ideal for entertaining your kids with all Autumn long.

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