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5 Fantastic Toy Gift Ideas for 7-year-old Girls in 2021

7-year-old girls are some of the most delightful and interesting people to be around. By this age, they can understand complex sentences as well as pick up on jokes and nuances. They also become quite opinionated and have strong likes and dislikes which can make picking a gift for them quite difficult. 

Safe toy choices for 7-year-old girls include dolls and playsets. But at this age, girls are coming starting to establish their personality, so safe might not cut it. Some girls are interested in games that challenge their minds. Other girls are bursting with creativity and just love to write, draw and colour. Other girls are interested in sports and physical activities. So, how do you decide what to get?

Are you at your wit's end trying to figure out what present to buy for your beloved 7-year-old? Then keep reading for six great toy gift ideas for 7-year-old girls of different personalities.

1. Board games

By the time they are 7, children can understand complex instructions and follow a long series of commands. Rather than playing alone, 7-year-old girls also enjoy playing with friends or other family members. So board games are great gifts for 7-year-old girls because at this age they can understand the rules and mechanics of a game. 

Our Unicorn Operation is a great board game for girls that love competition. It is like the popular “operation” board game, but instead of the traditional patient character, your little bird will dissect a unicorn.

Players take turns "operating" on the unicorn by using tweezers to take out items that it has swallowed. This board game can help develop your girl's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

2. DIY Hair Accessories

Some girls at 7 years old already love to dress up and role-play. It can be a great outlet for creativity and social interaction. They get to express their personalities through the way they look and act, which can be a great hint for finding a gift. Our Tie Dye Hair Accessories Kit is an awesome gift idea. It enables great DIY fun for girls to try different looks and play pretend. Plus, they get to design their own cool accessories, which will provide a great sense of achievement.

The set comes with a hairband, 2 bows, 3 scrunchies, rubber bands and gem stickers as well as soda ash and blue, yellow and pink dyes. It also has printed instructions on how to create beautiful psychedelic prints on the hair accessories. Remember to protect your clothes and surfaces when playing with this set as it may cause permanent discolouration and stains. 

3. DIY Jewellery Set

Lots of 7-year-old girls enjoy playing with their mum’s clothes, shoes, makeup and jewellery. This is the reason why DIY jewellery sets are such cool toys for 7-year-old girls. Our Unicorn and Mermaid Play Jewellery Set has everything a girl will want in a DIY kit. 

It comes with more than 300 colourful and shiny beads and charms. It also has pink and white wax chords to string the beads together. Kids can read and follow the instructions to create necklaces and bracelets that suit their unique taste and sense of style. 

4. Craft Boxes and Art Sets

Crafting is a favourite past-time of 7-year-old girls who love arts and crafts activities. At this age, they enjoy bringing their imaginations to life using anything they can lay their own hands. Activities such as pottery, baking, drawing, painting and other craft projects can hold their attention for hours. However, you can also have great crafting fun at home. From our great range of craft boxes and art sets, we chose our Light Up Heart Lamp. It is a great affordable gift for your 7-year-old girl that will make a unique addition to their bedroom.

The star lamp that has 11 LED lights and can be stuck on the wall or kept as a table or bedside lamp. The best thing about the lamp is that your child can paint or decorate it whichever way they want. It comes with sequins, glitter glue and 5 different colours of paints.

7 year old girl gift idea

5. Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks make great gifts for 7-year-old girls that like to create their own art projects out of memories and keepsakes. By the age of 7, girls already display a great value for relationships and documenting fun events in their lives. A scrapbook is a great way for them to creatively record special moments with friends and family.

Our pick is the L.O.L Surprise Neon Scrapbook. The ever-trending L.O.L. franchise bring the colours and vibrance girls love. This set comes with an A4 scrapbook in a selection of neon colours. It has sturdy pages that can handle heavy items like photos, glitters and stickers being stuck onto them.

This scrapbook set also comes with many decorative items like stickers, tassels, glitter, glue, cut out frames, ribbons, washi tape and a surprise bag. All these will ensure your little artist doesn’t get bored with scrapbooking. 

6. Girls Stationery Set

One of the most practical gifts for 7-year-old girls is a stationery set. All school-going children need pens, pencils, rulers etc. to complete their schoolwork. Girls enjoy journaling and writing their own fairytales or creative stories so notebooks make great gifts for them. 

The abeec's Unicorn Magic Stationery Set is one of the best presents for 7-year-old girls. Most girls love unicorns so they will love the images on this set. It comes with a spiral-bound A5 notebook and A6 notebook that you can use for anything from taking school notes, revision or even as a diary to process daily events.

The set also has 9 pages of unicorn-themed colourful and glittery stickers that your girl can use to decorate their belongings. They'll get 2 HB pencils, 3 felt tip pens, a ruler, a sharpener and four colourful paper clips to make sure they have everything they need for their school and at-home projects.

7 year old girls stationery gift

Find the Best Toy Gifts For 7-Year-Old Girls

Girls this age are generally quite opinionated and are learning to articulate their interests. Encourage your little girl to develop her independence and preferences by buying gifts that match their personality. 

While there are certain things that most girls enjoy at certain ages, remember that each child is an individual. This is why it is important to tailor your gifts according to their interests and preferences. You can find amazing toys for 7-year-old girls by simply figuring out what they're already interested in.

If you're looking for more great gift ideas for the children in your life, check out our toy shop with a variety of choices.

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