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10 Fun Activities for Summer

Having A Staycation? Here's 10 Fun Activities & Ideas For This Summer

It's not unknown to anyone that the past year has been somewhat different to what we're used to.

This year we may be trading in the white sandy beaches for our local campsites and bed & breakfasts. Whatever plans you may have for this summer holidays, we've got ten fun activities and ideas for you and the little ones to dive into (because let's face it, we probably won't be diving into sparkly blue pools just yet).


1. Get Artsy

Let your creativity run wild and get arty. Whether it's crafting a seaside landscape or making a wind charm to hang in your tent, it will keep the kids busy and be a great bonding exercise for the whole family! Colouring is also a fantastic way to relax the brain and escape the outside world.

2. Be A Tourist

Have a wonder around the hot spots in your area. Cathedrals, national parks, farms, there's so much to discover. Even in your hometown, sometimes the most obvious things are the things you forget to do.

Farming Tourist

3. Water Games

If we're lucky enough to get the sun this half term we of course need water games! Paddling pools and Water blasters provide entertainment for hours, as well as keeping your children (and you!) active. 

paddling pool

4. Have A Picnic 

Make a big picnic for the family on your day out. If your kids are adventurous, this could be great for them to taste some new styles of cuisine. If they're not as adventurous, you can try creating shapes or figures out of fruit pieces or sandwiches. 


5. Get Writing 

What better way to remember your staycation than keeping a holiday journal? Something you can all look back on and remember. Alternatively, the little ones could write a story about their staycation and read it out to the family on the last night.



6. Get To Know Nature 

Put down the tech and head for the hills. Wherever your staycation is, it's most likely near to a lovely walking route. There's so much beauty in nature to explore. Botanical gardens, lakes, and rivers. Why not make a list of nature objects for the kids to tick off on their journey?


7. Summer Sports Day

The season for summer sports. Wherever you're staycation-ing why not take some summer games for the whole family to play! 

 summer games

8. Movie Night

Pyjamas & popcorn! Get snuggled up and put your favourite family film on. Under the stars or on the sofa, it's the perfect way to escape from the world.

movie night

 9. Games & Puzzles

Games night, long car journeys, or down at the beach. You can't go far wrong with board games and puzzles. Games night is something the whole family can enjoy. Puzzles or colouring will also keep the little ones busy if you're embarking on a long car journey. 

Puzzles and games

10. Beach Day

If you are lucky to be near a beach on your staycation, this is a must! Or if you're unable to get away this year, why not head down to your closest beach for a mini day break? Take down all the essential beach supplies: Towels, water, sun cream, and of course BEACH TOYS! 

Beach toys


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