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How To Play Marvellous Marbles!

How To Play Marvellous Marbles!

Marbles have been around for a long time! Starting in Egypt 3000 years ago, they used materials such as clay, stone, or even real marble. 

There are many types of of marble games to play. The game we will be learning today is "Ring Taw" or the "Ringer". 

You will need:

- 1x Marvellous Marbles 

- A flat surface 

- Chalk / masking tape / String, to form a large circle 

- A 'Taw' - Marble slightly larger than the others (included in marvellous marbles)



1. Prepare your  arena! You can do this on many surfaces such as your living room floor. All you need is a flat surface with a circular border. If you're outside, you can draw your circle with chalk. If you're outside, try using string or masking tape to create the circle.


2. Each player receives an equal amount of marbles and lays them out within the circle. 


3. Taking turns, each player will use the taw (the larger marble) to knock their opponent's marble out of the ring. 


4. Whoever knocks all of their opponent's marbles out first wins the game! 


There's lots of marble games you can learn and play with our marvellous marble set! Make sure to tag us in your pictures and share your games with us :) 


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