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How To: Feed The Shark Colour And Number Awareness Game!

How To: Feed The Shark Colour And Number Awareness Game!

How To: Feed The Shark Colour & Number Awareness Game

In celebration of shark awareness day, we've put together a fun ocean themed matching  and numbers activity. This game is both crafty and great for teaching toddlers about numbers and colours.


What you will need:

  • Cardboard tubes (can use toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, etc.)
  • White and Coloured foam or card
  • Googly eyes
  • Black felt pen
  • pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

shark game what you will need

Step 1. Get prepped!

Make sure you have clear space to work on and lay your items out so you can see everything you need and they're easily accessible.


Step 2. Shark head assemble

Time to assemble our sharks. Firstly drawer a large oval/egg shape on a piece of your coloured foam, make sure this is around 2 to 3 times bigger than the cardboard tube hole. When you're happy with the shape, you can cut this out.

Now with your desired shape, trace this on to your other pieces of coloured foam to make multiple shark heads.

 abeec craft chest

Step 3. Shark mouths assemble

Now you have all of your coloured shark heads, it's time to create the mouths. With a pencil, drawer out a circle roughly the same size of your cardboard tube hole. Preferably towards the larger bottom of your shark head.

When you're happy with the shape and size, do this for all shark head shapes.


Step 4. Shark teeth & eyes assemble

When you're happy with the mouth shapes, time for teeth! With your white piece of foam/card, cut out triangle teeth shapes for each shark head. 6-10 is a good amount depending on the size of your cardboard tube. Make sure these are not too big and don’t cover the entire hole, as we need space for our fishes! Glue these around the sharks mouth on the back side.

For the eyes, cut out two small foam/card circles matching to the colour of each shark head and stick on the back of either side of the top of the head. Now you can glue down your googly eyes on each circle.


Step 5. Assemble sharks and tubes.

Simply glue the shark heads onto your cardboard tubes! Now they're ready for our colour matching fish.

shark craft game

Step 6.  Assemble fish counters

To make your fish counters, simply cut out fish shapes from your foam/card. Make 6-10 of each colour. Make sure these are small enough to fit through the cardboard tube. Now you're ready to play!


Step 7. Playtime!

Now you can feed the fish in the correct colour sharks mouths! How many can you match up?


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