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Halloween party game ideas for kids

Our Top Five Halloween Party Games

There is nothing more fun than planning a Halloween Party. It's the perfect opportunity to introduce some Halloween party games that kids will love! abeec toys have pulled together a list of our top five fun games for you to try. 

1. Wrap The Mummy

This game is great fun for large parties and classroom games. Split into teams, and each team receives one or two rolls of toilet paper (or white crepe paper). One person in each team will act as 'the mummy'. The first team to wrap their 'mummy' wins! 

halloween party game ideas

2. abeec Toys 3-in-1 Halloween Party Games

Our abeec toys 3-in1 Halloween party game set comes with three amazing games! Including: Halloween Bingo, Pin the nose on the pumpkin, and Arachno-throw-bia! The perfect set to get the Halloween party games in full swing. 

Halloween party game ideas

 3. Witches Hat Ring Toss

Simply take turns to throw the coloured rings over the witches hats! Witches hat ring toss is perfect for a children's Halloween party game. Top Tip: Place the witches hats in different distances with the furthest being worth more points!

Halloween party games for kids

 4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt is a great way to get lots of people involved! There are lots of ways to create a scavenger hunt. You could leave clues around to find sweets and treats. Alternatively, you could give a list of spooky items to find, first one to find and return back, wins! 

Halloween party game ideas

5. Spooky arts and crafts 

Get creepy and crafty with arts and crafts! Anything from creating your own decorations to decorating your own trick or teat bags. We have a list of some of our favourite Halloween arts, crafts, and decorating ideas. We've also listed below some fun crafty ideas:

halloween party game ideas

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