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Five Halloween Activity Ideas

Five Halloween Activity Ideas

Crafting is a great way to get your children excited for the Halloween season.

As it’s fast approaching, we’ve developed some super fun products to try, as well as spooky art & craft idea. The possibilities are endless!

Halloween Scratch Art Masks

The Halloween scratch art masks are the ideal activity for kids who love to draw, create, and personalise. This unique set offers 10 different scratch art masks, with popular characters. Including Frankenstein, Witch, Pirate and many more.

This scratch art set is perfect for Halloween parties with the family or friends; simply lay the Halloween masks out and watch children design their own rainbow masks.

How to Guide:

  • Choose your favourite scratch mask design.
  • Use one of the wooden scratch tools provided to scratch away the surface of the mask. This will reveal the multicolour pattern.
  • Thread the elastic fastening provided through the hole in the scratch mask and secure
  • Pair with other abeec Halloween accessories such as our witches’ hat to complete your look!
Halloween Scratch Art Masks

Create Your Own Halloween Hanging Decorations

Halloween decorations are a must have this Autumn. The abeec Halloween wooden hanging set is the perfect colouring activity for children during the build up to Halloween. This easy but effective art activity is perfect for getting all the family involved.

How to guide:

  • Choose your wooden design and start to create a unique colourful decoration.
  • Once complete, tie the rope provided through the hole of your wooden decoration. Fasten securely, and hang!

Halloween Hanging Decorations

Pumpkin Carving And Designing

Who doesn't love to create a glowing spooky pumpkin design this time of year!?This kit is a staple piece in your Halloween must haves! This easy to use kit is ideal for easy carving. With stencils to follow!

We recommend adult supervision when using the carving knife.

Find our pumpkin carving guide here.

Pumpkin Carving

Monster Scratch Art Poster

The abeec monster scratch art poster provides so much satisfying scratch art fun. Enjoy 2 metres of colouring fun and uncover the monster magic under the surface. This is ideal for displaying at a children’s party or entertaining your children and their friends.

How to:

  • Use the scratch tools provided and scratch away the black top coat to reveal the coloured images underneath
  • A great community activity over 2 metres long, everyone can enjoy!

 Monster Scratch Art

Halloween Decorations

We couldn't create this list without including Halloween decorations! Spend the evening making your house spooky ready with our Halloween party decoration kit. This kit provides everything you need including: Banners, balloons, cobwebs, spiders, and so much more!

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