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abeec Toys And The Fastest Pencil In The World! The Inspiring Story And Fundraising Work Of Belinda Nield

abeec Toys And The Fastest Pencil In The World! The Inspiring Story And Fundraising Work Of Belinda Nield

When we heard Belinda Nield of Salford was attempting to break the record for fastest pencil in the world, we had to get involved and find out more!

Salford Art Teacher, Belinda Nield is now officially the Guinness World Records  fastest pencil in the world! With an astounding marathon time of three hours and 38 minutes. 

Belinda fastest pencil runner

We caught up with Belinda for a little Q&A whilst she was on the train journey from Manchester to London. We find out more about the fantastic running and charity work she is involved in. 

When did you get into running and what made you start participating in marathons? 

I started running when I sadly lost my mum to cancer in 2011 just before my wedding day. I also sadly lost my father in law and other family members.  I put my grief into running and started fundraising for charity. St Ann's hospice is a charity close to my heart. The hospice cared for my mum, father-in-law, and family in their final days. I decided to run marathons and fundraise but that was not enough. I started crazy challenges within running the marathon by wearing costumes. Giant Poppy, sumo wrestler, forest Gump as part of a triple marathon challenge, Rubik's cube and red crayon as I'm an art teacher. I also carried a flag for 26 miles with pictures of my family and friends I lost the cancer raising over £7,000. I have raised over £23,000 in total since my mum passed away and hoping to achieve my target of £20,000 for the hospice this year. 

Marathon runner raising money for St. Anns hospice

When/why did the costumes come in to play? (we're a big fan!)

wearing the costumes seemed to raise more money so I continued to come up with costumes ideas to wear running a marathon!

As an Art teacher is the pencil costume fun for you to incorporate your love of art into running?

Wearing the costume inspires a lot of my students and myself. The school has helped in the past with my fundraising by doing  none uniform day and sweet sales. Achieving a Guinness world record dressed as a crayon went down well with the students - they love it. The students are very inquisitive about my running. Its good to talk to them about healthy eating and fitness.

What's your favourite thing about being an art teacher?

My favourite thing about being an art teacher is being creative. I love experimenting and discovering new techniques to pass in to my students. I love seeing what the students create and seeing them having fun doing art. 

What are your running plans for the future?

My running plans for the future? well I need a rest after this! I have been knocking out marathons like 10k’s doing 4 in one year. I hope to come up with other fundraising ideas. Maybe a triathlon? Something different maybe. Still including the running. I don’t think I will ever stop running 😂 If I have legs then why not use them and fundraise 👍🏻


 If you could only keep and use one art supply, what would it be?

My pencil of course! Especially if I achieve my Guinness world record as ‘the fastest pencil in the world’ 😂 item of stationery that is 😂

And of course Belinda smashed her World record to become the fastest pencil with an incredible time, but more importantly for an incredible cause. If you would like to help Belinda reach her £20,000 fundraising goals by the end of the year, please donate to her just giving page here. 

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