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The Best Travel Games For Kids & Families

The Best Travel Games For Kids & Families

Travelling and road trips can be hours spent on trains, planes, cars, or boats! Even the downtime in hotel rooms or apartments can be too much for the active mind of a child!

To make sure there's plenty of games and activities to fill their time, we've created a list of our favourite travel games! Perfect to fill the time of long journeys, or even to take as a fun game on your holidays! (without taking up all the precious suitcase space of course).
See below for our list of perfect portable games, classic favourites, and a few that maybe new to you! All the games recommended are affordable and easy to find, linked throughout the blog.

Mini Magnetic Games

Mini magnetic travel games

Mini magnetic games are a staple travel item in my family! The little foldable magnetic games take me straight back to holidays with the grandparents in the 90's. This shows how they have held up over the years!

The abeec® 4 mini magnetic games include classics like chess, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, & Draughts. The magnetic boards are foldable and come with magnetic counters, perfect for travelling! The four games come packed in a 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 3cm box. Easy enough to fit in your handbag, beach bag, or carry luggage.


This is definite favourite amongst kids and adults. It's probably a game most people have heard of and for good reason! The simple and easy game is fun for the whole family.

The aim of Uno is to match colours and numbers, and to try and get rid of all your cards before your opponents. There are rules you can follow from the Uno instructions, or you could even tweak them slightly and create your own family rules! Just be careful when playing with other friends and family as this can get interestingly competitive! The game is made up from playing cards so is super portable and easy to throw In your bag on any occasion. 

Can You Find It First? Travel Edition

can you find it first travel edition

From our bestselling original can you find it first? Board game, we have created a NEW holiday themed travel version! The game comes in a small handbag size box with a magnetic seal flap and handle for easy carrying.

The perfect brain teaser game to test speedy observation and reflexes. Perfect for the whole family. Take it in turns to pick an object counter from the bag. Show and read out the object to your opponents. The first person to find the object on the board wins the round.
Can you find it first travel is definitely the new travel game of the summer season!

Pass The Pigs

This travel game for kids is wildly popular! And happens to be very portable. Instead of rolling dice, you roll the little piggy's! Score them based on how the pigs land. It sounds crazy but the game has such popularity!

The scoring is just as wild from the trotter for 5 points to the Snouter for a healthy 10 points! Pass the pigs is a super portable and easy game for all the family to get involved in! Whether it's in your hotel room or sat by the pool.

Holiday Journal & Activity Book

holiday journal

Keep a note of all your amazing holiday memories with this abeec® holiday journal. This travel activity is perfect for kids to note down all of their new and exciting adventures! As well as a holiday journal, it includes great games for travelling before, during, and after!

Create a packing list and itinerary before you head off. Play I-Spy and word searches on the way there. Enter holiday pictures and food diaries of the different cuisines you tried. Plus many more fun activities to enjoy on the little ones trip! The A5 journal is the perfect size for small hands to carry around, or to easily throw in your handbag.

3 In 1 Travel Games

3 in 1 travel gamesSimilarly to the 4 mini magnetic games, this is a trio of classics! These games are slightly larger and come with more pieces than the magnetic games, but still easily transportable and great fun!

The 3 in 1 travel games include 4 to score, what’s there name?, and pop and hop! The games come in a small sturdy box, easy to pack in the luggage or in your handbag! These games would make great activities for camping trips, or to keep kids entertained in your holiday home!

Playing Cards

The ultimate travel game! From 3 years old to 100 years young, everyone can get involved and play a card game! The greatest thing about a deck of cards is how many games there is to play!

This small box packs a lot of punch. With hundreds of games to search, there'll be enough for your whole stay. A pack of cards can pretty much fit in any bag or even your jacket pocket! Which makes them versatile to play during any time of your holiday. They're also super affordable. We love these eco-conscious colourful playing cards from Flying Tiger.

DIY Activity Packs

DIY activity packs

If you fancy something slightly more creative, or maybe you're travelling with lots of kids? Why not make your own activity packs! Using our handy 12 pack of activity books and 24 stacking crayons. Not only are these super small and portable, but they are filled with colouring and activity pages to keep the little ones occupied for hours!

Or if you are looking for something more substantial, how about the abeec sticker and colour books (Space theme & Unicorn theme) paired with our 20 mini gel pens. This is  a great way to create your own mini travel packs! You could even add more goodies from our party bag filler range to create some pre-holiday goodie bags for the little ones!

We hope you have found our recommendations useful. Make sure to check out our full range of products on, Amazon and eBay.

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