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Top 10 party games and activities

Top 10 Outdoor Party Games & Activities

The grass is growing again and the washing line is out in full swing. This means one thing, Spring and Summer is finally upon us!
If you're planning on hosting a kids party or even a garden party this Spring/Summer, you may want to add some party games to your event. To help with the planning, we've put together a list of our favourite outdoor party games and activities for children and the family. Hopefully this list of outdoor games can help shape your party or send a little inspiration your way.

1. Garden Olympics

garden games

Everyone loves a competitive summer game challenge! Why not split into two teams and compete in a range of fun garden games! Such as a bean bag race, relay race, ring toss, and more. abeec® summer games collection is packed with all the essential activities to complete your garden Olympics.

2. Musical Statues

musical statues

A classic party game! The perfect game to burn off that excess sugar rush and allow children (or adults!) to boogie around to their favourite party tunes. When the music stops you must freeze!

TOP TIP: If playing with children, instead of voting people out, give the best pose-holders of each round a sticker. This will stop children from wandering off from the party or feeling left out. The person with the most stickers at the end, wins!

3. Giant Bubble Contest

giant bubble

What child (or adult) doesn’t LOVE bubbles?! They’re the perfect addition to any outdoor party. Using the abeec® giant bubble kit, take it in turns to try and create the biggest and best bubbles! 

4. Under & Over Game

Outdoor games

Split your party into teams of 4-8 and line up. The first person in the team line can hold either a balloon, ball, (bucket of water if you want to make it really tricky). On 'GO' the team member must pass the object alternately backwards over their head or under their legs until it reaches the last in the line. The last team member in line then must run to the front and repeat the process. This continues until the original front team member is back at the beginning and the whole team is sat down!

5. Pass The Parcel

pass the parcel ideas

So this game does require a little preparation but it's such a great classic, we had to include it! Before the party, purchase a small gift that you know the party would love (this could be a small art set, fidget toy, etc.). Now wrap this in lots of paper! Try to make at least a layer for each person so everyone can get involved. Sat in a circle, pass the parcel around to the music! Once the music stops, the person holding the parcel must remove the outer layer. This continues until the prize is revealed!

TOP TIP: You could include a small inexpensive gift within each layer so everyone gets a prize. Here is a list of products we think would work great!

Pass the parcel main prize ideas

Small in between wrapping prizes

 6. Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

Whether your inside or outside, every child loves a scavenger hunt! Prepare a list of things to collect and let the children race to everything on the list! This can include things such as: A pebble, a sock, a brown leaf, a toy building block etc.

7. Rock Painting
rock painting

For a more relaxed / art themed outdoor activity, rock painting is a great option. All you need for this activity is paint and rocks! You can even start the activity by scavenging for the perfect pebbles and rocks! Our mega paint set or acrylic paints are a great affordable option to provide paints for all the kids! Alternatively the abeec® rock painting set has all paints, stickers, stencils, and pebbles provided. At the end of the party each person can take their rock home to keep or hide them around a local park or neighbourhood!

8. Space Hopper Races

Space Hopper

Ready, Set, GO! The abeec® yellow space hopper is a fantastic addition to a garden party! This can be used for team races, a relay race, or even as part of a garden assault course!

 9. Hopscotch


Hopscotch is a great active outdoor party game for kids! Simply lay out your hopscotch board or draw this with chalk outside. The abeec® chalks are perfect for drawing games outdoors. One player tosses a bean bag or pebble onto the game board. The child can then jump on every hopscotch square except the one with the pebble/bean bag on. Once they reach the end of the hopscotch board, they must turn around and return, again, avoiding the square with the pebble/bean bag!

 10. Outdoor Target Games

Target game

Target and throwing games are always a favourite in the summer time. They are a great mix of fun, active, and competitive! The abeec® 2 in 1 target game is a great outdoor party staple. It has 2 target games to choose from, to keep the fun going for hours! Compete in teams to score the most points. 

We hope you have found our recommendations useful. Make sure to check out our full range of party bag fillers on, Amazon and eBay.

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