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Top 20 Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

Top 20 Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

Sat by the fire as you watch the snow fall to the ground on a crisp winter’s day, what better way to keep your kiddies occupied then some wholesome fun winter crafts for kids.

At abeec toys we like to deliver all year round and wintertime is no exception! On the days you don’t feel like leaving the house you can spend quality time with your children creating easy winter crafts with our super cool crafts selection.

Use our range of craft products to create an adorable paper tube snowman, handprint winter tree, tin foil icicles & much more. All can be made with our giant craft kit.

giant craft box

Paper Tube Snowman

The perfect snowman craft that is super easy yet fun for your kids to enjoy indoors in the colder months of the year. These adorable snowmen are made up of a few simple materials that can either be found in your home or in our abeec giant craft box.

 craft snowmen

Below is everything that you will need to create the paper tube snowman but alternatively you could add other items to personalise your craft that little extra. For example, pair with the abeec glitter glue and add a little sparkle to your snowman!

Everything You Need:

1 x paper tube ( Can use a toilet roll tube!)

1 x white piece of paper

2 x pom poms

1 x pipe cleaner

1 x Black & Orange Pen

1 x felt paper

1 x craft glue

Handprint Winter Tree

This winter craft is especially suited for those little hands that love to get stuck in to crafts. It is a a super easy way to allow your toddlers to learn through play. Needing only two items it’s a super cost-effective way to keep your kids occupied during the holidays and weekends in winter.

Using only our squeezy paints for toddlers and coloured card you can create your very own winter tree.

 hand print tree craft

Fully paint your hand with a colour of your choice and press down on the card to create a tree like shape then use your fingertips to create snowflake shapes. You could even use the abeec felt tips pens to add more detail to your painting.

Tin Foil Icicles

Bring the magic of winter to your home or classroom with these easy to make tin foil icicles, That You more than likely will already have the supplies at home to make! Make this in only 4 steps, a craft winter activity that kids will love!

What you will need:

Tin foil

Pva glue

Glitter (silver, white, blue)


craft icicles


Step 1 – Get Prepped

No craft enthusiast can work to their best ability in a messy environment! Make sure you have a clear space to work on and lay your items out so you can see everything you need and they’re easily accessible.

Step 2 – Shape Your Icicle.

To start you need to tear the foil into pieces a few centimetres longer than what you want your icicle to be. Scrunch it up into a long tapering cylinder shape with a point end.

Step 3 – Add The Sparkle

Now here comes the exciting part, cover the foil in craft glue and glitter of your choice.

Step 4 – Let The Magic Set

Let your masterpiece dry and once all dry hang up with string as a form of decoration!

If you're still looking for some other winter craft ideas why not try to create some of the below:

  • Arctic fox
  • Pinecone owl
  • Sock Penguin
  • Handprint snowmen
  • Polar bear paper art
  • Multi medium Winter painting
  • Cardboard winter scene
  • Crayon and clay snowmen
  • Origami penguin bookmark
  • Egg carton snowman
  • Paper polar bear 
  • Winter wonderland trees
  • 3D Polar bear
  • Egg carton penguins

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