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50 Party Bag Filler Ideas

50 Party Bag Filler Ideas

Kids parties... Where do we start?! You've got the party games, invites, buffet, outfits, and so much more! 

We're here to take one thing off your plate... Party bags. Every child loves a party bag. But with parties getting bigger each year and social media adding pressure to parents, it's difficult to know where to stop and start. 

You can fill a party bag with anywhere from three to eight items depending on what your budget allows. Our list includes a whole range of things including bubbles, crafts, and environmentally friendly options.

 But most importantly, they're all great fun for kids and won't break the bank! 

Our Top 50 Party Bag Filler Ideas

party bag fillers

 1. Party Bags

We can start our list without the staple party bag! We recommend the abeec paper party bags. They have a cute birthday design and are 100% recyclable! 

2. Bubbles

3. Party Blowers

4. Spinning tops

5. Pack of Party Crayons

A small pack of crayons makes a fantastic party bag filler! It compliments other items such as colouring sheets, activity books, and notepads. Our 30 pack of crayons is ideal. Each pack comes with four crayons (blue, red, yellow, green) and you receive 30 packs, plenty to supply a mega party!

6. Mini keyrings

7. Water pistols

8. Bouncy balls

9. Funky sunglasses

10. Stickers

party bag fillers

11. Mini Squishies  

Squishies are a huge hit right now! And they're here to stay! Kids absolutely love anything fidget at the minute and our mini squishes are the perfect addition! 

12. Yoyo

13. Mini slinky

14. Mini notebooks

15. Maze games

16. Chalks

17. Finger Puppets

18. Funky pencils

Our abeec funky pencils are perfect for any party bag, suitable for both boys and girls with funky animal and food designs! 

19. Whoopie cushion

20. Gel pens

party bag fillers

21. Mini rainbow scratch art

22. Marbles

23. Polaroid party photos

24. Activity books

Our abeec mini activity books are perfect for any party bag and go really well with other items like funky pencils, crayons, and gel pens! 

25. Book marks

26. Flower seeds

27. Bubble swords

28. Fortune teller fish

29. Stacking crayon

30. Balloons

party bag fillers

31. Mini jigsaws

32. Nail varnish

33. Mini teddy bears

34. Mini jiggly balls

35. Toy cars

36. Snap bracelets

37. Magnetic ring spins

38. Wiggles

39. Thank you cards

40. Party hats

party bag fillers

41. Bendy Pencils

42. Sweets

43. Stick on tattoos

44. Mini bath bombs

45. Slime

46. Mini magnets

47. Fidget toys

48. Funky straws

49. Mini tubs of dough

50. Cake!

Now you can go and create the best party bags! Anything on this list will be sure to leave the little ones very happy and with plenty of activities to enjoy. 

We hope you have found our recommendations useful. Make sure to check out our full range of party bag fillers on, Amazon and eBay.

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