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Ultimate Gift Guide For Girls

Ultimate Gift Guide For Girls

Girls’ toy trends are notorious for changing and evolving quicker than lightning speed and although Christmas shopping for our girls can be just as exciting for us, it is often difficult to factor in style and fun at the same time. This often leaves us frazzled at the first sight of LOL Surprise, Barbie, and a multitude of other popular brands that your sure to find on the shelves this winter.   

Our ultimate gift guide for girls is craftily designed by our experts, providing you will all the essential stocking filler gifts, Christmas Eve box fillers and Christmas presents to save you from second guessing yourself.

From tots to tweens, we’ve made sure to include some retro-style gifts like scratch art and small stocking filler gifts like our fidget toys, to keep your girls entertained during the festive period.


Barbie Scratch Poster - £4.99


Barbie scratch poster barbie scratch art scratch art craft kits for kids

Barbie is an all time favourite and has proved time, and time again that she is very well reciprocated by all girls. However, if you find your self hoovering too many Barbie clothes and accessories, then this Barbie scratch poster may just be the perfect alternative!

This Barbie scratch poster measures 2 metres long and includes popular Barbie doll imagery. This is a great one for parents – simply roll the poster over a bit at a time to create a super cute colouring activity that provides hours of scratch art fun for girls.


Rainy Day Craft - £12.99

rainy day crafts craft kits for girls crafts for kids craft set paper scissors pens pencils pom poms kids jewellery making art & craft

Whether your kids are now professional crafters after all the crafting fun during covid or you’re in search for the perfect newbie crafting kit, this rainy-day craft kit makes the perfect Christmas wrap up for girls.

The rainy day craft box provides you with endless craft supplies to provide girls with unique, fun, and personalised craft activities:

  • Create your own bracelets using alphabet beads, elastic cord and more
  • Create mosaic pictures with 3 assorted picture boards & mosaic tiles
  • Make your own bouncy balls with bouncy ball moulds
  • Design your own foam notebook with glitter glue, assorted foam sheets, ribbon and more.
  • Make your own fashion braids with a selection of beads, threads and more
  • Design your own sponge cards utilising the paint pots, sticker sheets and more.

All activities are packed neatly into a box with a pull-out draw; a super handy and transportable set for girls to take anywhere, anytime!

Fidget Toy Box - £6.99

fidget toys fidget collection fidget toy set fidget set kids toys toys for kids pocket toys

It is a known fact that Christmas shopping for children gets harder as they get older. One gift idea that really does jump out this year is our abeec fidget toys fun box! 

This collection  is a great all rounder for both girls and boys, offering a selection of 12 favourite fidget toys all packed in 1 box. From twisti tubes, to palm poppers to infinity cubes, this set really does have it all. Whilst this set provides all the festive fun for the family, fidget toys are also beneficial for cognitive development. This rare find is the ideal concentration toy for children.

… What’s more? Grab this ultimate Christmas present for just £6.99 whilst it is on offer – the fidget toys fun box really is a great purchase this Christmas!


Unicorn Operation – £8.99

operation game unicorn operation game boards for kids toys and games board games

Everyone remembers operation! It's probable that most of us received it as a Christmas gift at one point or another; a classic game that has now evolved into unicorn operation – the perfect combination for girls who love all things unicorns and board games!

This interactive game is super fun for kids to play with family and friends and has multi-player options - the perfect party game for all to enjoy.

Simply place the body parts into the unicorn. Spin the arrow and using the tweezers provided try to extract the chosen body part without setting the buzzer off – The player with the most body parts wins!


Colouring Case - £9.99

colouring case kids colouring case art & craft pens felt tip pens kids crayons pencils drawing stationery supplies for kids

Art cases are representative of childhood memories but have also with stood the test of time!

This unique colouring case provides your child with 2 draws filled with all their essential art supplies to assist with painting and colouring activities, from paint by numbers to canvas art. You’ll have your little Picasso’s imagination running wild in no time with this art kit!

A great travel toy – this art case also includes a carry handle, making this the ideal gift not only for Christmas but all year round.

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